Accountability and governance of land management
TapGEO / ZIS- software system to maintain land management documents throughout the life cycle of land parcels. The system is based on MS Sharepoint and GIS systems (MapInfo, ArcGIS)
Product application
  • Automated maintenance of land management documents
Focused tasks
  • Creating land parcel contours and drafting based on classifiers
  • Maintaining attribute information of land parcels
  • Attaching land management documents and title confirmation to parcels with possible automatic recognition of document type
  • Negotiating land parcel contour to Customer within an integrated system
  • Monitoring land parcels throughout the life cycle
  • Possible information filtration to land parcel status
  • Report preparation of project or lease land parcels
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Establishing relationships between documents and semantic information of land parcels and real estate objects
  • Maintaining operations with semantic information and documents in common database via web-client
  • Tracking system of operation due time
  • Harmonizing projects and land parcels
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Land parcel contours and real estate objects (property) module in GIS-systems
  • Operations with land parcels in common database
  • Import and export of land parcels into MapInfo and possible reprojecting
  • Possible export of data in format *.xml in compliance with Federal Service for State registration, Cadastre and Cartography
  • System testing stacking of land parcel contours with other contours based on database
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Working with contracts, projects and land parcels
  • Classification of contracts, projects, land parcels, editing attributes and land parcel boundaries
  • Document attachment
  • Search of documents and land parcels
  • History and audit of any changes
  • Association with real estate objects
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Report generation, data set building
  • General land parcel plan;
  • Reports and reminder of document date filing

User system access control
  • Access granting (authorization) and functionality (role model)
  • Tracking user interaction
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Customers using product
JSC TomskNIPIneft—eastmost enterprise in western Siberia, performing complete research and project work cycle for petroleum sector.
JSC NK Rosneft-   leading Russian company in the petroleum sector and one of the top public petroleum companies in the world.