TapCAD / Fire Separation Distances

Automatic calculation of fire separation distance
Module determines the standard fire separation distance between objects on the drawing
Product application
  • Designed to calculate the fire separation distances between buildings and structures and further graphical rendering
Focused tasks
  • Flexible classification of the objects from tables stated in standard documents
  • Representation of fire separation distances on the drawing, pertaining and not pertaining to the standards
  • Allocating the calculated objects on the drawing
  • Representation of all fire separation distances in tables; possible selection of specific standards, if the distance between objects is regulated by several standards simultaneously
  • Report generation of calculated distances. Export into MS Excel
  • Convenient standard fire separation distance table modification and append to existing tables
Product Certification
Certificate Autodesk 2017
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Support of different normative documents
  • Calculation of fire separation distances based on different normative documents
  • Possible append of new normative documents into the system for further distance calculation
противопожарная безопасность.png
Representation of distances on the drawing
  • Identification of the distance not pertaining to the standards
  • Possible selection of standards for graphical rendering
Table of fire separation distances
  • Table generation of fire separation distances of all drawing objects
  • Calculation of distance according to different standards
пб таблица.png
Export of fire separation distances into MS Excel
  • Report generation according to calculated fire separation distances
  • Export tables of fire separation distances into MS Excel
Customers using product
JSC TomskNIPIneft—eastmost enterprise in western Siberia, performing complete research and project work cycle for petroleum sector.
JSC NK Rosneft-   leading Russian company in the petroleum sector and one of the top public petroleum companies in the world.