TapCAD / Reports

Automated creating roadwork record sheet
TapCAD/Reports ensures automated maintenance of roadwork record sheet, using standard functional base CAD AutoCAD Civil 3D
Product application
  • Product is for designing automated roadwork record sheet in highway project design; useful for specialists in petroleum industry
Focused tasks
  • Automated record sheet design for calculating earthwork
  • Automated distance-based record sheet design of earthwork
  • Automated record sheet design of widening and earth roadbed
  • Automated record sheet design of road pavement construction
  • Automated record sheet design of roadbed slope reinforcement
Product Certification
Certificate Autodesk 2017
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User-friendly work with projects

System management through projects. Usability feature includes project template loading function: loading sheet with highway elements without specific values.

Flexible application of record sheets

Application of record sheets includes the following:

  • Possible addition of data from Civil 3D;
  • Data interchange between record sheets, working with tables;
  • Unified register of record sheet elements;
  • Formulating new formula calculations of earthwork;
  • Automated calculation of computed parameters.
  • Compiling record sheets includes the following coefficient, according to requirements:
    • relative soil compaction coefficient, in compliance with DSC 34.13330.2012 “Highway”;
    • relative rock material compaction coefficient, in compliance with DSC 78.13330.2012 “Highway”;
    • soil losses during transportation in compliance with DSC 45.13330.2012 “Earthwork.
Work sheet register management

Unified register of objects involves the administration of users and customers; record sheet components include results, sections, attributes and task formulation.

Continuous operation in MS Word

TapCAD/Reports ensures reporting for every record sheet which could be exported into MS Word. All reports are generated on the basis of templates.                

Customers using product
JSC TomskNIPIneft—eastmost enterprise in western Siberia, performing complete research and project work cycle for petroleum sector.
JSC NK Rosneft-   leading Russian company in the petroleum sector and one of the top public petroleum companies in the world.
RN Uganskneftgas Ltd.- major petroleum enterprise of NK Rosneft, operating within Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Territory