Geodata outsourcing

  • Map document preparation
  • Geodata conversion
  • Classification of topographic plans according to proprietary standards
  • Office analysis of data
  • Regulatory development
Project cost estimation
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Digitizing raster data and further systematization within geodata base

Vectorization of raster maps with different scales and directions- topographic maps and plans, site plans, restricted zones, forest cover maps. Classification confined to geodatabase.

Source image
Intermediary result
Selecting and processing ERS raster data (base maps from Yandex, Bing, etc., georeferenced maps)

Visual interpretation of available territorial images in public data source, analysis and selection of satellite images (Yandex, Bing, etc.), downloading zone determination, loading raster data from selected satellites, processing, pasting snapshots (in case if the rasters are from different sources).

Determination of targeted zones
Result of pasted snapshots
Result of snapshot processing (color correction)
Topographic plans and maps processing according to location orthophotomaps and materials of airborne laser scanning

СSpatially topographic mapping and planning scales (from 1:500 to 1: 5000) to orthophotomaps based on the document “Symbols for Topographic Map Scales 1:5000, 1:2000, 1:1000, 1:500”, approved by State Geodesy and Cartography Department, Council of Ministers, USSR, dated 22.11.1986 (Moscow, Nedra, 1989).

Applying airborne laser scanning data to elaborate object numerical characteristics (tree height and calliper, level of water bodies and rivers, etc.), as well as plotting digital terrain model.

Project design

Processed orthophotomaps - 119

Ttotal area of topographic plans - approximately 45000 hectares

Conversion in ArcGIS and MapInfo

Determination of targeted zones
Image + digital topographic plan
Selected topographic plan
Custom map montage:
topography, engineering survey, advanced general plans, environmental survey.

Representation according to either digital topographic data classifiers or other Company standardized documents.

Topographic maps: scale 1:5000
Source image
Provided map montage
Advanced general plans:
Source image
Provided map montage
Plotting 3-D models based on airborne laser scanning data.

МModeling infrastructure facilities based on point clouds from airborne laser scanning. Plotting Earth surface.

Seed point cloud
Point cloud “without Earth”
Ready-made model
Surface model