Custom software development

  • Fixed budget and hourly wages
  • Complete operation cycle
  • Guaranteed support
  • Authorized developers
  • Autodesk, ESRI, Microsoft, Pitney, Bowes (MapInfo), Bentley Systems
Project cost estimation
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Full range of services in development of software programs and automated turn key systems. Analytical decision-making concepts, technical specifications; implementation of software products and maintenance system.
40+ More than 40 highly-skilled specialists
  • Project executives
  • Software engineers
  • System analysts
  • Testers / technical writers
  • Data-processing engineers
73+ More than 70 successfully performed projects in 7 years
Professionals in web and desktop DBMS development
  • Web-development: NET, ASP.NET, MVC 5, WebApi 2, JSON, HTML, CSS,JS, jQuery, ORM (NHibernate, Entity Framework), Node JS
  • DBMS: MS SQL, ORACLE, PostgreSQL and others
  • Desktop development: .NET, WPF, WCF, AutoCAD, C++
Operating vertical products
  • Autodesk AutoCAD
  • Civil 3D
  • ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcGIS for Server
  • Pitney Bowes MapInfo Professional
  • Bentley AutoPLANT, Bentley MAP, Bentley Project Wise
  • QGIS, GeoServer and others open source
  • Microsoft SharePoint
Certified quality management system
Efficient process -
guaranteed quality
PROBLEM STATEMENT Describe the task in an appropriate form
Free-of-charge study and further decision
PROJECT DEVELOPMENT Software product design
COMMISSION Implementation and software assurance
Convenient cooperation model
Dedicated team Regular certification, individual career map, participation in professional conferences to improve professional skills and qualification
Hourly wages Applying principles of agile software development (agile, scrum) ensuring quick results and design process management control.
Fixed budget Specifically structured “office project management” which daily keeps track of the project process, complies with a deadline and budget and ensures quality.
Contact us. Immediate reply on any question. Approximate project cost is estimated.
Partners and technology
We are grateful for executed work. The Company specialists are mindful of customer’s requirements; professionally solve set tasks; complete project on time and on budget. We hope to continue our partnership in the future.
Information Model Library Ltd
Our Company and TomskASUproject have been partners for more than several years. The employees of TomskASUproject have demonstrated
highly-skilled competencies of in software development and analytics.
Ilya Khristolubov, Department of IT-Information Support and Business Development, JSC “TomskNIPIneft”
Specially careful approach to business. Numerous project points are removed at the analytic stage. Proposed implementation options meet budget expenses and the deadline
Vladislav Kvashennikov, CEO, “BIT” Ltd
Our partners
JSC TomskNIPIneft—eastmost enterprise in western Siberia, performing complete research and project work cycle for petroleum sector.
JSC NK Rosneft-   leading Russian company in the petroleum sector and one of the top public petroleum companies in the world.
JSC KuzbassGhiproShakht- head institute on designing coal mining and coal processing enterprises. Core activities- engineering projects in developing coal mines, open-pit mines, ore-dressing plants, as well as civil construction
RN Uganskneftgas Ltd.- major petroleum enterprise of NK Rosneft, operating within Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Territory
National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University- first technical institute in Asian Russia, embracing wealthy experience in training highly-skilled engineers